6.4 billion won in down payment alone…Baltimore calls up top prospects for OPS 0.996 ‘No. 2’

The Baltimore Orioles of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) call the team’s second-largest prospect and the league’s 14th-largest prospect to the big leagues
I’m planning on doing it.

According to MLB.com today (5th),메이저도메인 Baltimore will call up left-handed outfielder Colton Kauser (23) to the Major League and start playing against the New York Yankees tomorrow.

Kauser is a top prospect who joined Baltimore in the 2021 draft as the fifth overall pick in the first round. At that time, the down payment was $4.9 million (KRW 6.4 billion).

Causer has been performing well for the first round since he joined the team. Starting with the Rookie League, he was promoted to Triple-A last year, and literally bombed the league this year, with 10 home runs, 40 RBIs, a batting average of 0.330 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 56 games in the Norfolk tights (Triple A team).

His MLB debut was such a fait accompli that Baltimore’s general manager Mike Elias recently appeared on a broadcast and said, “The roster situation in the big leagues is only a problem, and Kauser is ready to come to the big leagues.”

Baltimore has been in a slump, losing six games in its last seven games. He was also running at the top of the American League (AL) wild card competition, but was chased by the Yankees and Houston Astros, who have recently been on the rise, by two games.

There are five games left before the All-Star break, and it was urgent to change the mood. The call-up of top prospect Kauser is interpreted as a measure with this situation in mind.

However, Baltimore’s 40-man roster is currently full. Another person is expected to be assigned to the DFA (nomination assignment) to secure a spot for the caucus.

Attention is focusing on whether Causer’s addition will give even a little breathing room to the Baltimore lineup, which has recently been confirmed.

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