“Always hammer me” Newcastle FW, ‘applause’ for Howe’s passion

Miguel Almiron, who is leading Newcastle United’s rise this season, applauded Eddie Howe’s enthusiasm.

Almiron succeeded in ‘stepping up’. Until last season, he could not score more than 5 goals in the league and was like a ‘Gyereuk’, but this season, he proudly occupied an axis of Newcastle with his improved attack power. In October, he bombed as many as 6 goals and was honored with the English Premier League (EPL) Player of the Month for October.

He has been doing well lately as well. Although, after the World Cup break, he failed to save a team that was slowing down with 1 goal in 6 matches (2 wins, 4 draws) in the league, but in the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup), he recorded help in the quarterfinals and semifinals, leading Newcastle to Wembley for the first time in 24 years. did. 슬롯사이트

Almiron’s growth has been largely credited to director Howe. Coach Howe was appointed to Newcastle midway through last season and quickly reorganized the team and led the rebound. There was active support from the Saudi royal family who took over Newcastle, but if it wasn’t for coach Howe, existing players such as Almiron, Joellington, and Joe Willock would not have reached their full potential.

Almiron also admitted this. He said in an interview with Britain’s ‘Pop Four Two’, “Coach Howe gives me more freedom. His trust has given me a lot of confidence. Coach Howe always hammers me, and I train late to train my left foot. “He expressed his respect for director Howe.

But it would have been impossible without his sincerity. As recalled, Almiron is a player who is accustomed to training late, and he is also one of the first to arrive at the training ground. No matter how good a manager he is, he would not have become a prominent player in the Premier League without the passion of the player himself.

“It’s not as much as Kieran Trippier, who is always at the training ground, but I like to train slowly, so I usually arrive early and I’ll be there late. I like being around the club and it’s important to enjoy it,” said Almiron. He showed his love for growth and Newcastle itself.

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