Another Next Bento candidate appears… Spain Moreno with a brilliant coaching career, a shabby coaching career?

A new managerial candidate for Korean football has appeared. This time, it is manager Robert Moreno (46).

Local reports have reported that former head coach Robert Moreno (46), who used to lead the Spanish national team as a former head coach of Barcelona, ​​a prestigious European soccer team, is attracting attention as a candidate for the new Korean national soccer team. 메이저놀이터

Spanish sports media Ars reported on the 11th (local time) that “former manager Moreno is receiving interest from Ecuador and Korea.”

“The two countries put former coach Moreno on the radar as a candidate to lead a new project after the World Cup, which ended with the resignation of Gustavo Alfa and former coach Paulo Bento, respectively.”

First of all, the history itself is gorgeous. Former coach Moreno has a close relationship with former coach Luis Enrique, who led Spain from 2018 to this Qatar World Cup. In 2011, he was appointed head coach of AS Roma (Italy) and assisted former coach Enrique, who was the head coach at the time. Since 2013, he has moved to the Spanish professional football Primera Liga with former coach Enrique.

In 2014, former coach Enrique took the helm of Barcelona, ​​and former coach Moreno also coached world-class players such as Lionel Messi (Argentina), Luis Suarez (Uruguay), and Neymar (Brazil) for three years as head coach.

In 2018, former coach Enrique was appointed as the Spanish national team coach, and former coach Moreno also moved to the national team. In June of the following year, former coach Enrique led Spain directly until November of that year when there was a ‘manager vacancy’ in the national team due to family problems.

During this time, he led Spain to the finals of the 2020 European Football Championship (Euro 2020) and was recognized for his leadership. It is also the greatest achievement of his managerial career.

When former manager Enrique returned in November 2019, he started a new challenge as a manager rather than a coach. AS Monaco (France) took his first steps as a club leader. However, in Monaco, he was sacked in July 2020 after finishing the 2019-2020 season in 9th place. He was sacked in March of last year after failing to complete a full year in Granada (Spain). He tasted the pain of relegation to the second division, finishing the season in 18th place.

In other words, so far, there is no clear history as a full-time coach, not as a head coach.

Meanwhile, the media did not report details, such as whether the Korea Football Association officially proposed to former manager Moreno.

Currently, names such as Jose Bordalas (59), former Valencia (Spain) coach, Torsten Fink (56), former Hamburg (Germany) coach, and Bihadi Halilhodzic (71), former Morocco coach, have been mentioned through domestic and foreign media.

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