Avoiding an ‘early exit’… but not a ‘home’ round of 16, and the number of cases of belligerence in Belo Horizonte

The women’s national soccer team led by head coach Colin Bell avoided early elimination for now. Following the first match against Colombia (0-2 loss), the national team lost 0-1 to Morocco on the 30th (Korea Standard Time). It should be said that he failed to advance to the round of 16 due to his two consecutive losses.

The number of cases in which the national team, which lost two games, advanced to the round of 16 was already rough. That is not to say that there are no cases at all. Colombia beat Germany 2-1 in the second Group H match of the FIFA 2023 Australia and New Zealand Women’s World Cup at Sydney Stadium in Australia, leaving a slight possibility.

Colombia opened the German goal with a 안전놀이터 perfect right-footed shot after a corner kick in the 7th minute of the second half. Germany then continued to push Colombia. He attempted a series of attacks, but Colombia’s defense was harder than expected. And in the 44th minute of the second half, Alexandra Pope calmly finished the penalty kick obtained by Auberdorf and returned the game to square one. However, Colombia turned the game around again in the extra time of the second half when Vannegas scored a dramatic header.

The national team will play the final group match against Germany on the 3rd of next month. In the number of cases, there is still hope of advancing to the round of 16. First of all, the national team must beat Germany. It is also more than nine goals apart. Korea has two losses, but the gains and losses are -3. Germany lost the second round, but the gains and losses are +5. In order to reverse this, he needs to score more than nine goals. This tournament will be ranked in the order of gains and losses after points and multiple points. The national team, which failed to score a single goal, is difficult to beat Germany even with multiple points.

Once they beat Germany, they should hope Colombia beats Morocco. Morocco has 3 points and -5 gains and losses. If Morocco loses to Colombia and the national team beats Germany, it can reach the round of 16. However, Germany also has to make all-out efforts to advance to the round of 16 is a “bad thing” for the national team. It’s a tough number.

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