Bucheon SK Legend Head Coach Nipomnishi, “Russia, don’t go to Asia!”

Coach Valeri Nipomnisi, who caused the ‘Nippo Soccer’ syndrome while serving as the Bucheon SK headquarters in the past, expressed his negative opinion regarding Russia’s incorporation into Asian football. 스포츠토토

The Russian Football Federation (RFU) has recently been deeply concerned about the issue of joining the AFC. It is an alternative that came out to overcome the situation in which it was virtually expelled after being punished by FIFA and UEFA after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February last year. However, only the possibility has been raised, and no progress has been made in practical terms yet. Controversy is still mounting, but director Nipomnisi revealed his views in an interview with Russian media NSN. Director Nipomnisi believes that Russia has nothing to gain by going to Asia.

“It is wrong to compare Asian football with Europe,” Nipomnisi said. “There are only 15 to 20 countries that surpass Asian countries in every way. The same goes for Japanese players. The national team is made up of players from Europe.”

“It’s not desirable for Russia to join Asian football. You won’t get anything in terms of player development except for matches. Japan, for example, won’t be ready to play with us at all.”

However, it was clearly acknowledged that Asian football in general is improving. “Professional level football is developing in Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia,” coach Nipomnisi said. “Saudi Arabia in the Middle East always plays in the World Cup, and the Qatari club even won the AFC Champions League. In the last FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina. “There was also a serious moment where they defeated . , which speaks volumes. Korea and Japan, too, their results were not a gift. There are also ‘elite teams’ in Asia that are quite valuable at the national team level.”

Meanwhile, in Russia, controversy over whether leaving UEFA and moving to AFC is the right decision is growing. Famous Russian football commentator Dmitry Gurbiev called the AFC transfer attempt “a fatal mistake that will cost us a lot”. Former Russian striker Dmitry Bulykin warned that Russia may not have a place in UEFA, saying “political pressure could come on AFC”.

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