Cardiac arrest→recovery of consciousness→spontaneous breathing→discharge… NFL Hamlin home in 9 days

Responded to ‘Prayer for Damar 3’. American professional football (NFL) Buffalo Bills safety (last line defender) Damar Hamlin (24, uniform number 3) robbed a hospital bed and returned home nine days after collapsing from a cardiac arrest during a game and becoming unconscious.

According to the Associated Press, the Buffalo team officially announced on the 11th (local time) that Hamlin has been discharged from Buffalo General Hospital in New York State and has returned home.

Jamie Nadler, the doctor who treated Hamlin, told the club: “We have completed a series of tests and evaluations and, in consultation with the medical staff, we are confident that Damar can be safely discharged.”

Nadler added that Hamlin will continue to rehabilitate with Buffalo staff.

On the night of the 2nd, Hamlin collapsed on the field while blocking opposing wide receiver Tee Higgins with a tackle in the first quarter of the NFL Week 17 away game against the Cincinnati Bangors. Higgins’ helmet and right shoulder collided with his chest area. Hamlin got up after the tackle, but passed out shortly after. He was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the scene, and 16 minutes later he was transported to nearby University of Cincinnati Hospital and received intensive care in the intensive care unit.

He regained consciousness on the third day of cardiac arrest and began to communicate by handwriting. From day 6, the 4th day, he removed the ventilator, started walking on his own, and ate regularly. In response, medical staff at Cincinnati Hospital evaluated it as “a significant milestone in his recovery journey.”

Hamlin was transferred to a hospital in Buffalo, home of the Bills, on the 9th and entered the second stage of rehabilitation. Within a few days, his condition improved and progressed to the point where he could be rehabilitated at home. Medical staff at Buffalo Hospital said, “Hamlin’s recovery from a heart attack, which is considered a life-threatening accident, has been normalized

and speeded up. ” 바카라사이트

Through slogans such as ‘Love to Damar 3’, they prayed for his recovery.

In addition, donations poured in to the foundation he established two years ago to give toys to poor children, and the amount raised as of today reaches 8.6 million dollars (approximately 10.7 billion won). This is 3,440 times the amount of $2,500 (approximately 3.11 million won) he initially aimed for.

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