Coach Kim Jong-kook requested” June ERA last place KIA, Jung Myung-won to remain in Tucson… Coach Seo Jae-ng returns

The KIA Tigers, ranked last in ERA in June, have finally fallen on their swords. Chung Myung-won (57), KIA’s first-team pitching coach, will be 꽁머니 transferred to the Residents, where he will be replaced by Seo Jae-heng (46), the Residents’ pitching coach.

The KIA said, “We have reorganized the pitching coach position to refresh the atmosphere. At the request of manager Kim Jong-kook, we transferred coach Jung Myung-won to the Remnant Army and changed the position of Remnant Army coach Seo Jae-heng to first-team pitching coach,” the organization said on June 29.

With seven wins, one draw and 14 losses in 22 games in June, KIA is tied for eighth in the league with the Lotte Giants in terms of winning percentage. First-team resources such as Kim Do-young and Na Sung-beom returned, but the team failed to rebound. As a result, they slumped to eighth place in the league 토토꽁포인트 with 29 wins, one draw, and 36 losses.

The reason for this is on the mound, where not only foreign pitchers but also domestic pitchers Lee Yi-ri and Yoon Young-cheol have faltered, resulting in a June ERA of 5.20 after 28 games, the lowest in the league.

Seo Jae-ng, who was the pitching coach of the first team last year, is returning to the first team in less than a year.

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