‘Core’ to No. 3 after signing Kim Min-jae…the unexpected reason the world’s best center back was pushed aside

Matthijs de Ligt is not currently favored by Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel.

Germany’s TZ said on the 14th (Korea Standard Time), “The Ligt played one game as a starter in the Netherlands and returned with two wins in 95 minutes.” Now, he is ready to return to Munich with a lot of confidence and fight for the starting line-up again,” he reported.

Der Ligt is the second highest-priced centre-back in existence. It is estimated to be 75 million euros (about 106.2 billion won) after Hubeng Dias, the core of Manchester City. He is one of the most anticipated defenders along with Yosuko Gvardiol, who moved to Manchester City.소닉카지노

Until the 2022-23 season, the hole in Munich’s defense was Dayo Upamecano, so if Kim Min-jae was recruited, De Ligt was expected to naturally play as a partner. When rumors of Kim Min-jae’s recruitment were heating up Germany, Germany’s “Kicker” said, “(Munich’s) future central defense will consist of Kim Min-jae and The Ligt. Upamecano’s main combination with Kim Min-jae seemed to be so decisive that he predicted, “If you don’t want to be a top candidate, you should show better performance.”

But so far, Tuchel has been using Der Ligt as his third-place pick. It is true that Der Ligt’s recovery from injury was delayed, but his performance was also poor. In the German Bundesliga Super Cup against RB Leipzig, Der Ligt failed to show a defensive center in Munich. In the last match against Augsburg, Munich also lost a point when Kim Min-jae was missing and Der Ligt entered. In the process of losing a point, Der Ligt’s stake was large.

In response, Germany’s Sport 1 said, “De Ligt was one of the club’s best players in his debut season in Munich. At the start of the new season, The Ligt was changed to the third-ranked center back. This is clearly frustrating him,” he reported.

Degradation was not the only problem. It has begun to be said that it is not the style manager Tuchel wants. “The Ligt doesn’t want to remain a third-ranked centre-back,” TZ said. I know coach Tuchel expects more from him. Tuchel doesn’t really like the playstyle, which currently has a lot of cross-passes from The Ligt and has fewer longitudinal passes. “Kim Min-jae and Upamecano are ahead of The Ligt in training,” he explained.

The Licht, who is showing minor frustration, is planning to fight for the main competition for now. The media added, “The Ligt still feels ready to compete, although he has a few more steps to go.”

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