“Do well” coach Lee Seung-yeop’s heavy words, make the new catcher run

“I will work hard!” (Doosan rookie catcher Yoon Jun-ho) “You don’t have to work hard, just do it well.” (Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop) Lee Seung-

yeop was like a manager. The two first met through JTBC’s baseball entertainment show ‘Strongest Baseball’. After that, Yoon Jun-ho was first nominated for Doosan, and after that, coach Lee was appointed to Doosan and met. However, director Lee seems to have clearly distinguished between public and private affairs. Doosan new catcher Yoon Jun-ho (23), who attended the 2023 new player orientation held at the Daejeon Convention Center on the 12th, revealed the above anecdote, saying that they exchanged only a word or two when asked if they had anything to talk about with Lee.

Yoon Jun-ho entered the professional stage after finishing college. Even before his first-team debut, his popular entertainment show “Strongest Baseball” raised awareness. When asked if this acts as a burden, he said, “There is a burden, but there are also parts that give me strength. You become more careful about your actions and exercise harder. I try to think positively.”

Yang Eui-ji, who is in the same position, returned to Doosan. Yang Eui-ji is currently the best catcher in Korea and the main catcher for the national team. The rookie catcher did not hide his excitement when the best catcher came to the same team. Yoon Jun-ho said, “When Yang Eui-sunbae said he was coming to Doosan, he was really happy inside. Because he thought there would be so much to learn. He is a senior with a lot of experience such as winning championships and international competitions. He wants to learn the part.”

Yoon Jun-ho, wanting to get on the first-team stage as soon as possible and receive the ball from Doosan pitchers Kwak Bin and Jeong Cheol-won, who are a year older than himself, vowed to make use of his strength, defense. “The catcher thinks defense is the most important. He said, “I will work out to make use of my strength, defense.”

Yoon Jun-ho, who expressed his aspirations to become a fan service player like Park Yong-taek (retired) and a catcher like Yang Eui-ji, finished high-intensity physical exercise at the Doosan Bears 2nd team home stadium in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, and started technical training. Will he be able to perform ‘well’ on his professional stage as director Lee Seung-yeop said? It’s worth watching the growth of the new players. 토토사이트

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