‘Dropped 15 points→recovered→dropped 10 points again→dropped to 7th’ Juventus, Mourinho sarcastic: “Are you kidding me?”

Juventus have been docked another point. It’s an administration that even rival coach Jose Mourinho is cynical about.

“Following a new hearing, Juventus have 먹튀검증 been penalized with a 10-point deduction,” Italian media outlets reported on Wednesday. The penalty drops Juventus to seventh place.”

It’s been an eventful season. Juventus was punished with a 15-point deduction in January after being caught cooking the books in 2021. The publication of Fabio Paratici’s so-called “black book” provided conclusive evidence of the fraudulent accounting, which influenced the court’s decision.

At the time, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) said: “The Federal Court of Appeal has partially upheld the appeal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Juventus has been sanctioned with a 15-point deduction for the season and the suspension of 11 of its officials.”

But it was reinstated. In April, the Italian Olympic Committee’s (CONI) Sports Guarantee Committee upheld Juventus’ appeal against the 15-point deduction. The Bianconeri, who had been slowly accumulating points, were able to regain the lost points and qualify for the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

The celebration was short-lived. CONI offered to hold a new hearing as a condition for restoring the points, and the outcome on the 23rd saw the Bianconeri docked another 10 points. Juventus, still fighting for a UCL ticket, quickly dropped to seventh place.

They still have a chance, but it’s slim. Juventus has 59 points, five points behind fourth-place AC Milan (64). With two games left and a head-to-head, there’s still hope for the UCL. Still, the current situation is nothing short of disastrous, with not only AC Milan but also Atalanta and Roma needing to catch up.

It doesn’t bode well for Serie A as a whole. The teams fighting for a European spot have been greatly affected by Juventus’ ups and downs since January. If the standings keep shifting, teams will struggle even more to control the variables.

In an interview with sports streaming service DAZN, Mourinho said, “It’s a joke to know this with two games left. For us, for everyone, even for Juventus,” he said.

“If we had known this before the Monza and Bologna games, our approach would have been different. I feel sorry for Massimiliano Allegri and his players, but I can only say that things have changed at the league level,” he added, expressing his disappointment with the FISG’s administration.

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