“Holland, transfer if you give 1.5 trillion won” → revealed the desired team

The agent of Erling Holland, who plays for Manchester City in the English Premier League, drew attention by revealing the transfer fee and the team he wants.

The transfer fee is over 1 billion pounds, or 1.5 trillion won. The team you want is Barcelona. The agent said she can’t say no to Barcelona as she teased a future £1BILLION transfer.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the 2nd that Holland’s agent revealed his true intentions. Haaland joined Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga last summer. At the time, the transfer fee paid by Man City to the German team was known to be 60 million pounds. The contract period is 5 years. In the first year of his transfer, Haaland caused a stir in the EPL. He has so far made 27 appearances and scored 31 goals.

In May of last year, football superagent Mino Raiola passed away suddenly. His clients were also shocked.

Before his death, Raiola had chosen Brazilian lawyer Rafaela Pimenta as his successor. For 18 years, Pimenta was Raiola’s right-hand man, and he learned the trick while working alongside Raiola. She signed Haaland’s move to Manchester City shortly after stepping up as her successor, and

Pimenta, who inherits a huge agent empire, said this week she spoke with a Spanish publishing house about her future.

In particular, she said she knows that her predecessor, Raiola, has a good relationship with the club and president Juan Laporta.

Pimenta sneakily explained the value of Holland. “I know nobody is going to pay £700m for a player,” she said. “But Haaland is different. When he gets him, it’s clear that his value is enormous. He’s at least a billion pounds,” she claimed.

Her value judgement is that she believes it will cross the £1 billion mark, given many additional aspects including Haaland’s fan base, digital content revenue and sponsors.

Meanwhile, Pimenta helped Rivaldo in Brazil around 1998 to set up a small football club, she says.

It is said that from this time on, she was drawn to football more than her teaching position teaching international law at the university. She eventually said that she served as the brains when she worked with Raiola. Now he is a big agent who inherited his company. 토토사이트

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