“I can meet LG players, but I have to play with Kiwoom colleagues” Lee Hyung-jong’s baseball life, Act 3 begins

This is the third section of baseball life. The first section was for the pitcher and the second section was for the batter. And the third section is a new start due to transfer. I see hope again in the eventful baseball life that goes back and forth between hope and despair. This is the story of outfielder Lee Hyeong-jong (34), who transferred from LG to Kiwoom last winter. 토토사이트

made an exceptional case. After the 2022 season, Lee Hyeong-jong obtained the FA qualification for the Futures League. It is a Futures League free agent that was confirmed to be abolished due to low demand, but Lee Hyung-jong hit the jackpot. He signed with Kiwoom for a total of 2 billion won over 4 years, equivalent to an intermediate free agent. As Kiwoom, which lacked outfield resources compared to LG, is looking at Hyung-jong Lee, there is a high probability that Hyung-jong Lee will be the starting right fielder as a backup.

From the beginning of the camp, it was revealed what Kiwoom wanted from Hyungjong Lee. On the first day of camp, on the 2nd (Korean time), Lee Hyung-jong entered the same batting group as Lee Jung-hoo, Kim Hye-seong, and Edison Russell. The four leading players looked at the new season swinging the bat in order. In the batting cage, he consistently hit hard balls with his unique bold leg kick.

After training, Lee Hyeong-jong said, “It feels like I am being treated well. I feel that he cares about not only the composition of the group, but also other parts, and I feel a sense of responsibility. It feels new in many ways,” he said. “But I don’t think I am 100% a starter. Here, he is only thinking of increasing his appearance in the game by preparing well and building his body to the best of his ability. He said, “If you go to the game often, whether it’s a hit or a home run, the results will come out.”

I was positive about the transfer. Hyungjong Lee said, “Looking back, every time something changed, it went well. He was like that when he changed from a pitcher to a hitter, and I remember that he was good while batting, catching it short and catching it long, and doing leg kicks. This time, he takes on new challenges and changes again, and I have a feeling that things will go well,” he smiled.

He kept quiet about the atmosphere of the new team, Kiwoom. Now, he emphasized that it is a process of getting to know the camp as it has just begun. While watching with envy the rookies Jang Jae-young and Kim Geon-hee both pitcher and hitter, they pledged to be faithful in the time to get to know their teammates in the future.

Lee Hyeong-jong said, “When I was 22, I said I was a hitter, but then I left the team. It is recommended here. A lot of time has passed, but looking back on the past, it is true that I am envious,” he said. “Kiwoom was the only club with no close players. So I will spend my rest days with the Kiwoom players. I keep in touch with the LG players, but I plan not to meet them during the camp. I can meet on my break day, but I will play with my Kiwoom colleagues. I can see my former colleagues later in Korea,” he said, considering quick adaptation important.

Lastly, Lee Hyeong-jong said about facing LG as an enemy in the future, “I know that the second series of the opening is against LG. However, I don’t think it’s too strange since it’s a Gocheok Dome match. Maybe it would be very strange if I did it with LG in Jamsil. Still, I will run with the mindset of winning unconditionally.”

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