“I’ll end it at the Milan Olympics”… Kwak Yoon-ki, the ‘eldest member of the national team’, returned

I think I’m less likely than my juniors to not be chased. Oh, I’m also being chased by my juniors.]


Olympic star Kwak Yoon-gi sang fans’ cheers with his unique ‘in-course overtaking’. She couldn’t wear the Taegeuk mark all season, but she dreams of becoming the ‘oldest national team’ in the Olympics three years later.

Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok met.


The fans who gathered at the stadium after 3 years were delighted when Kwak Yoon-ki appeared.

[Kwak Yoongi! Fighting!]

[Oh Byung-min/Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (Youtuber ‘Oking’): I don’t have much to do in private. After all, he comes as his master and servant, so he definitely looks cool.]

[Cho Hwa-jin/Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do: Despite being the oldest, he has the best performance… ]

Kwak Yun-ki reciprocated the fans’ support with his unique run.

In the semifinals, he dropped to 5th place with 2 laps left before the finish line, but quickly burrowed inside and rose to 2nd place, cheering him on.

He finished 5th in the finals, but Kwak Yoon-gi says he is rather fortunate.

[Kwak Yoon-gi/Goyang City Hall: I have to compete with new juniors, but I learned a little bit about the race side or self-reflection… ]

Kwak Yoon-ki, who won the silver medal in men’s short track in 12 years at last year’s Beijing Olympics, put down the Taegeuk mark this year because of his left thigh injury.

In the meantime, I challenged unfamiliar baseball, but I also played an active part as a YouTuber conveying the news of our national team, 스포츠토토

[Kwak Yun-gi/Goyang City Hall: I came like a girlfriend following me as an excuse.]

Still, my goal is short track.

My dream is to step on the Olympic stage in three years as the oldest short track national team at the age of 38.

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