“I’m a professional billiards player too” PBA tryouts select 100 players

The Professional Billiards Association (PBA) has selected 100 new players to play on its official tour.

“The PBA has selected new players who will play in the three tours in 2023 through the PBA Tryout,” the PBA said on Nov. 27. The tryouts were held at the Gangsang-gu Billiard Club in Daejeon, Daejeon Metropolitan City, from the 24th.

The PBA Tryout is the selection of players for the Challenge Tour (Division 3). Unlike the ‘Q-School’ or the 1st Division priority registration system, where 1st and 2nd 토토사이트 Division players compete for promotion and retention in the 1st Division, this is a place where anyone who dreams of becoming a professional billiards player can participate.

If you pass the tryouts, you’ll be eligible for the PBA’s 3rd Division Tour. This is an essential gateway to becoming a professional billiards player.

From there, players can move up the ranks to join the First Division. The top players of each season will also have a direct entry into the First Division.

A total of 199 players signed up for the tryouts on a first-come, first-served basis. The PBA deemed 23 of them suitable to play in the Third Division based on their experience and profile, and granted them priority registration for the Third Division. The remaining 176 players were selected through a two-day tournament system.

Including Kwak Jun-young, who finished first overall with an average of 1.786, 77 players qualified for the Challenge Tour through the tournament, including 44 winners including Kim Hansu, Lee Young-byung, and Kim Dong-woo (A) and 33 losers including Kim Chul-seong, Lee Tae-hoon, and Kim Jong-bin.

After the player selection, the PBA Challenge Tour will begin in late August. Prior to that, the season opener of the Dream Tour (Division 2) will be held in mid-July.

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