Italy’s top newspaper spotlights Lee Seung-woo: “The president wants me”

The possibility of Lee Seung-woo (25, Suwon FC) returning to Italy, which is ranked 3rd in the European Football Federation (UEFA) league ranking, is seriously discussed.

On July 29 (Korean time), ‘Tuto Mercato’, a media specializing in the Italian football transfer market, quoted ‘La Gacheta Dell’Osport’ and said, “Guido Angelozzi 스포츠토토 (68), president of Frosinone in Serie A (first division), Lee Seung-woo was described as an interesting player to target.

‘La Gacheta dell’Sport’ is an Italian daily newspaper with the largest number of readers, including general newspapers as well as sports. “Frosinone, who has turned their eyes to Asia, wants to recruit Lee Seung-woo to strengthen their offense,” it was reported.

Frosinone qualified for the 2023-24 Serie A by winning the 2022-23 Serie B (second division). Lee Seung-woo scored 1 goal in 14 matches in the 2017-18 Italian first division as part of Ellas Verona.

President Angelozzi has extensive experience in Serie A administration, including ▲Lecce from 2005 to 2009, Bari from 2010-11, Sassuolo from 2015 to 2018, and Spezia from 2020 to 21.

According to ‘La Gacheta Dell’Osport’, President Angelochi is paying attention to the Asian market and Lee Seung-woo, considering the need to strengthen offensive power to handle the Serie A level and the limited budget of Frosinone.

Lee Seung-woo was the top class of the 2022 K-League 1, ▲ 2nd in free kicks, 3rd in points scored, 3rd in effective shooting success rate of 10 or more goals (43.8%), 5th in game MVP, and 7th in attack points.

This is why the second year of Korean professional football feels more sluggish when visible performances such as goals and assists are insignificant. However, in the data prepared by the US data company ‘Asian Football Analysis Zone’ based on the data of ‘We Scout’, a football talent search company, it ranks first in the 2023 K League 1 Inverted Wing.

‘We Scout’, which was established in Italy by ‘Agile Sports Technology’ of the United States, dispatches about 80 people around the world to evaluate players and games. Excellent video analysis and digital database capabilities.

In the statistics of the Korea Professional Football Federation, Lee Seung-woo has the second highest number of free kicks per 90 minutes among first division players who played more than 1,600 minutes this season. Except for foreigners, it is the best.

It is said that he is still a difficult existence to block unless it is a foul. If Frosinone returns to the first division in Italy, it is expected that he can be used as an offensive joker by La Gazzetta Delosport.

Eusebio DiFrancesco (54), coach of Frosinone, shines in the 2012-13 Serie B Best Coach and the 2018 Italian Football Association Leader of the Year Award. That is why it is all the more meaningful that ‘La Gazzetta Delosport’ evaluated Lee Seung-woo as “a versatile player suitable for Difrancesco.”

Lee Seung-woo said, “Left wing is the main position, but I also played an active role as an attacking midfielder, right wing, and front line. It was introduced that he has the tactical flexibility to cover all attacking positions if necessary.

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