Jeong Moon-kyun’s Reconditioning_My legs are numb, but it’s not a disc?

Hello. This is Fourlab Jung Moon-gyun. Now the really cold winter has arrived. There must be a lot of people who feel that their joints are sore and painful in cloudy or cold weather. It’s not just the mood. In fact, when the temperature drops, the joint fluid that makes the bones between bones soft is hardened. So the joints become stiff, and the muscles around the joints get together and harden.
Among them, those who feel pain and numbness in the waist, pelvis, and buttocks should read this issue carefully. This is because the lesions that cause numbness in the lower body and pain in the lower back are more diverse than expected. 스포츠토토
So, what is the subject of this issue? I would like to inform you about sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SI joint dysfunction), which is similar to disc symptoms. Insufficiency of the sacroiliac joint means ‘a state in which the function and strength of the sacroiliac joint are incomplete and do not function properly’. It can also cause inflammation and pain around the sacroiliac joint.
Kim Yu-na, who was the queen of figure skating, also suffered from severe sacroiliac joint pain. To the point where she had to give up the contest. If you have a problem with the sacroiliac joint, you will feel great pain, and you will have a lot of difficulty with light movements such as walking or sitting for a long time during daily life as well as exercise.

The sacroiliac joint is the joint where the sacrum and the wing-shaped ilium on either side of the sacrum meet. It absorbs the shock transmitted to the spine and distributes the weight applied to the body properly. Connected by strong ligaments, it is also a joint with strong enough strength to support the entire weight of the upper body. Because it is so strongly connected, it is a joint that allows only a very small amount of movement. So, when the sacroiliac joint becomes unstable and excessive movement occurs, or when it loses mobility and fails to function properly, sacroiliac joint dysfunction occurs.
The biggest cause of sacroiliac joint dysfunction is an imbalance caused by poor living posture and habits, such as frequently crossing the legs or walking on one leg. In addition, as in the case of Yuna Kim mentioned above, direct impact to the pelvis and waist, such as falling or bumping, is also a cause.

Symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction include back pain, pain in the buttock or in the anterior or posterior thigh. In addition, there are many symptoms of heaviness or numbness in the entire lower extremities. Sometimes it happens on both sides, sometimes it happens on one side only. As mentioned earlier, this is the biggest reason why sacroiliac joint dysfunction is mistaken for a herniated disc.
Then, what exercises can be done when the sacroiliac joint is abnormal? The stability of the sacroiliac joint can be improved with simple stretching or exercise in daily life. From now on, I will introduce stretching and strengthening exercises that can solve or prevent sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

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