KIA is excited, a precious guest visiting Okinawa… ‘3 Years 160G’ Return of the bullpen swing

After training in Arizona, USA until the 24th (Korean time), KIA moves to Kin Stadium in Okinawa, Japan, and unpacks on the 26th. Starting training on the 27th, we will have practice matches with Hanwha (28th-next month 7th), Samsung (next month 1st-5th), and Lotte (next month 3rd).

On the 26th, a welcome guest visits KIA. The main character is Jang Hyeon-sik, a right-handed pitcher. On October 25 last year, Jang Hyeon-sik underwent bone fragmentation surgery and osteophyte reduction in his right elbow at the Sejong Sports Orthopedic Clinic in Seoul. Simply put, it can be seen that he cleaned his elbows.

Joining Arizona spring camp was unsuccessful. Instead, he is steadily rehabilitating at the Hampyeong District 2 spring camp. Unlike Tommy John surgery, his elbow bone fragment removal surgery does not require a long rehabilitation period. Director Kim Jong-guk said at the Arizona camp recently, “Hyun-shik is thinking of returning at the end of April at the earliest, or at the latest in May.”

It means that Jang Hyun-shik’s joining Okinawa does not mean that he will return. It is a process of rehabilitation. Manager Kim said, “Before coming to Okinawa, I already pitched in the bullpen. He decided to call it with the intention of going through the ITP course and period in a warm place. The total period is short, but wouldn’t it be important to throw it in a warm place? He should be able to throw two days in a row. He has to be in good shape.”

Jang Hyun-shik is the pitcher who threw the most balls in the KIA bullpen in recent years. He made a big success with 2 wins, 3 losses, 19 holds and 1 save, and an average ERA of 3.12 in 54 games in the 2022 season. He was the main set-up man, but whenever the team called, he got on the mound and pitched. He threw 909 balls in 52 innings.

He played 160 games and 169.2 innings for three years from 2020 wearing a KIA uniform. In 2021, he pitched 76⅔ innings, amassing 34 holds in 69 games. At the time, he was also the main character of the former director’s ‘3 days and 4 fights’. As much as he threw a lot, it is also true that he was put on the injured list, rested for a while, and then the pattern of returning was repeated. He took one break in the first and second half last year as well.

In the long term, KIA should reduce the burden on Jang Hyun-sik. In that respect, the wool season KIA bullpen is worth looking forward to. It is a sign that the quantity will be plentiful. Among the rookie Yoon Young-chul, left-hander Kim Ki-hoon, and sidearm Lim Ki-young, who are competing for the 5th selection, one or two who are eliminated can join the Pilseungye Tujo. Left-handed sidearm Kim Dae-yu, who helps left-hander Lee Jun-young, also joined. 토토사이트

However, unlike previous years, there is a sign that lefties will be more abundant than righties, so right-handed bullpens are rather valuable. There are Triple J members such as Jeon Sang-hyun and Jung Hae-young, but they have a history of injuries and have played many innings in recent years. It remains to be seen whether the newly added bullpen pitchers will successfully settle down.

For KIA, Jang Hyun-sik’s healthy return is important. He should hold up well through April. KIA must make every effort to ensure the health of its valuable guests visiting Okinawa.

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