KT wins 3 in a row, LG loses 3 in a row…now ‘4.5 games apart’

After returning to the KBO stage in June 메이저놀이터, KT Cuevas, who has been continuing his ‘invincible march’, showed off his fearsome performance in the match against Lotte yesterday (27th).

With a fastball of up to 148 km/h and a sharp slider as his main weapon, he blocked the Lotte lineup with 6 hits and 1 run with 6 strikeouts up to the 8th inning.

Cuevas has won 8 straight wins without loss in 12 games this season, and has continued his 10-game winning streak since last year.

In the 3rd inning, Hwang Jae-kyun’s timely hit kept the lead until the end, and kt swept 3 consecutive weekend games with Lotte with a 2-1 victory.

On the other hand, leading LG suffered a fatal 3-game losing streak to NC.

Starter Lim Chan-gyu threw a headshot at NC Park Gun-woo in the first inning and was sent off, and LG’s other line only scored two points to NC starter Seong-young Choi until the 6th inning, eventually kneeling 5-3 and being chased by KT by four and a half games.

In 3rd place SSG, finisher Seo Jin-yong recorded his first blown save this season, but Jeon Eui-san’s final blow in the 10th overtime beat Doosan and maintained a gap of one and a half games with KT.

With the performance of Choi Hyung-woo, who scored a two-run final run from Hanwha Mun Dong-ju in the 6th inning, when the score was tied 2-2, KIA defeated Hanwha and won 4 consecutive wins to keep 5th place.

Samsung defeated Kiwoom with starter Won Tae-in’s 7 scoreless innings and won 2 consecutive wins.

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