Lee Dae-seong of Korea Gas Corporation “Absence of main starter and physical exhaustion are all excuses… Professionals must have a sense of competition”

It is not easy for a team that ranks ninth out of 10 Korean Professional Basketball (KBL) teams and is currently losing four consecutive games to attract fans’ attention. However, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation is an exception this season. This is because they are showing a high level of performance, such as playing overtime for two days in a row against the top teams in the league, and are playing a persistent game.

Even so, defeat is bound to be painful in the harsh professional world. Lee Dae-seong, the ace of Korea Gas Corporation, said in a phone call with the Hankook Ilbo on the 3rd, “As a professional, you have to talk about victory unconditionally, but it is very unfortunate that we lost the game in the end.” As the atmosphere of ‘Let’s win in the .

On the 28th of last month, KOGAS lost 116-118 after a close match against Seoul SK, which was ranked 4th in the league, to the 3rd overtime. In professional basketball, there have been 7 times in the history of the 3rd overtime period, and it was a bloody fight that lasted 2 hours and 59 minutes, the longest.

The next day, we met KGC Ginseng Corporation, Anyang, who ranked first in the league, and played an extra game again, and again lost by one goal (85-87). In particular, foreign player Murphy Holloway did not play in this game. It was only on the day of the game that the club announced that Holloway would suddenly leave the team, and the atmosphere was as chaotic as that. In the match against Suwon KT on the 31st (84-88 loss), Holloway returned after twists and turns, but this time Lee Dae-heon was injured.

It was a three-game series with numerous ‘what if’s. ‘What if two days in a row didn’t go to overtime?’ ‘What if Holloway and Lee Daeheon could play together?’ The outcome of the match may have been different. Lee Dae-seong, however, firmly said, “It was all excuses to lose because I was exhausted or because I didn’t have a key player.” He emphasized, “It is professional to be evaluated by the result,” and “rather than blaming the situation, you should think, ‘If I judged just one more coolly between offense and defense, it was a game that could have been won.’” 안전놀이터

Lee Dae-seong found the reason for his defeat in himself, but expressed strong regret at the referee’s decision. Both SK and KGC Ginseng Corporation had an ambiguous contact with less than one second left in regular time, and Korea Gas Corporation was declared a foul. KBL usually does not declare a foul if an ambiguous contact occurs with less than one second remaining, but this day was different.

In the end, the opposing team made all free throws with this foul and went into overtime, and KOGAS missed the game. Lee Dae-seong said, “It was the first time I saw a foul decision in a situation with less than a second left in my 10 years of professional life. But (this unusual situation) happened to our team twice in a row,” he said. “I know well that the game is over and the result does not change. However, it must be pointed out that the foul call at the time was a clear problem (in terms of consistency of judgment).”

Lee Dae-sung had a splendid time throughout his career, winning the team championship, winning the MVP award, and being selected as the best 5 for two consecutive years. However, this season, perhaps because of the low team performance, he has not been able to produce any significant individual results other than the scoring category (5th in the league as of the 3rd). He laughed and said, “(Individual titles) are things I’ve already had, so I won’t show it off even if I do it one more time.”

Fortunately, as the season goes on, the bond between teammates is getting stronger. The return process of Holloway was also a place to check the team atmosphere. Holloway tried to return to the United States when his mother’s health deteriorated, as did his older brother, who was caring for his mother while struggling with illness. However, his sudden departure during the season could be seen as damaging his team spirit. Lee Dae-seong said, “Halloway showed his older brother a picture and explained the situation.” It is a natural situation that is not in the realm of understanding.” Then, “(when Holloway announced his intention to remain due to his brother’s health improvement), a meeting was held between the players. He added, “It was not a place to understand and say, but a place to say, ‘It’s really good’ and ‘I’m just grateful for being able to be together.”

He also gives advice to Filipino national Sam Josef Belrangel, who joined the team all season as an Asian quota. Lee Dae-seong said, “In terms of technology, he is a player who does not need to be mentioned,” but “but he says, ‘It is necessary to have a fierce competitive spirit in the professional world’”.

Throughout the interview, he revealed his affection for his co-workers. He said, “I want to achieve my goal (6th playoffs) with my colleagues now,” and said, “I have no regrets about the composition of the players.” It was a rebuttal to the label of ‘lonely ace’ that followed all season. Lee Dae-seong said, “The upcoming schedule is also a series of battles with KT, SK, and KGC Ginseng Corporation.” I will win everything,” he said.

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