Lee Jin-Hyun “It’s been 8 years since promotion, I’m sorry to the fans… Goal of 5 goals and 5 assists in the first half”

Lee Jin-hyun is one of the main players in Daejeon Hana Citizen’s promotion in the 2022 season.

In 27 league games last season, he recorded 4 goals and 5 assists, and also played in 2 games in the promotion playoff against Kim Cheon, especially in the 2nd game, leading Daejeon to return to K-League 1 after 8 years.

In a recent interview through Media Day, Lee Jin-hyun said, “I have never been promoted in my career, but this time I got promoted through Daejeon, and I am happy to be back in the K-League 1 again.” It’s different and I’m personally determined. My first goal is to prepare well during the winter season and give joy to the fans in the new season.” 카지노

Lee Jin-hyun Personally, I returned to the K-League 1 stage after a long time.

Lee Jin-hyun, from Pohang Youth, first debuted on the European stage in 2017 on loan to Vienna, Austria. Afterwards, he returned to Pohang in 2018 and made his K League debut.

Lee Jin-hyun, who joined Daejeon in K-League 2 in 2021 after passing through Daegu in 2020, has been together in the promotion challenge for Daejeon for the past two years, and has succeeded in making a desperate return to K-League 1.

He said, “Personally, when I compared K League 1 and 2, I thought that K League 2 puts more pressure on the players and makes them more rough.” There are a lot of players who say it’s ‘tough’ to come, so if a team like us goes to K-League 1, it will be an environment where we can do better.”

On the contrary, when he said that the K League 1 players would be technically superior, he said, “I think that’s right. It’s because there are many players in the K League 1 who are more technically or classy, ​​and I can see that they are definitely trying to play that kind of football.”

“But we’ve experienced both K-League 1 and K-League 2, so if we absorb all those strengths, it will be a factor that will allow me to demonstrate my competitiveness more.”

It is not just the players who are returning to the K-League 1 stage after 8 years. Daejeon fans, who desperately wanted to return to the first division, are also together.

Lee Jin-hyun said, “The fans have been waiting for promotion for 8 years, and I am a little sorry for giving them a gift, albeit a bit late.” They are very curious about our competitiveness and are looking forward to it.”

He continued, “I personally think that I am confident and well prepared, so I didn’t worry too much, but rather thought, ‘Isn’t there an expectation?

Lastly, Lee Jin-hyun said, “I set my goal this season to increase the attack point in each game. My personal goal is to score at least 5 goals and 5 assists in the first half.”

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