‘Like’ without noticing the news of Greenwood’s acquittal… ‘Man Utd Legend’

Manchester United legend Gary Neville clicked ‘like’ on an article claiming that Mason Greenwood was acquitted of sexual assault, and was scolded by the cold reaction of public opinion. 온라인카지노

Manchester Public Prosecutor’s Office announced on its official website on the 2nd that “the criminal case against a 21-year-old man in connection with a case that has been under investigation since January 2022 has been suspended today.” The man mentioned by the prosecutor’s office is Mason Greenwood, a top prospect for Manchester United.

Despite his young age of 2001, Greenwood, who showed outstanding skills at Manchester United, was arrested by British police in January of last year after news broke that he had forced sex with his girlfriend and verbally assaulted him.

In the course of the investigation, evidence of death threats appeared and it seemed that his career would end, but the main witnesses withdrew their testimony about the case and were acquitted.

The local prosecutor also explained the reason for the suspension, saying, “The main witnesses have withdrawn their testimony, and there is no possibility of new evidence coming out, so there is no realistic possibility of convicting a guilty verdict. Therefore, we have a duty to stop the investigation into the case.” .

Despite the announcement from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Manchester United warned of a strict reinvestigation, saying “Greenwood will not return to Manchester United training or matches while the club conducts its own investigation.”

Meanwhile, unlike Man Utd, who tried to look at Greenwood’s situation with a neutral attitude, Gary Neville was criticized by fans for his somewhat impatient attitude.

Neville clicked ‘Like’ when former police chief Nazar Afzal posted on his social media account, “Witnesses no longer support the prosecution, and there is no new evidence. Greenwood is innocent.” shared

Then public opinion was outraged by Neville’s actions.

Some public opinion has reacted even more negatively to Neville’s support, as they believe that although Greenwood had committed sexual assault to date, there was no evidence and that the victim was consensual and that the testimony was overturned and released.

In response, Neville deleted the post and explained, “I did not take the crime of sexual assault against women lightly, and I did not support it. It was clumsy.”

However, public opinion did not stop criticizing his explanation. Some fans commented, “Did your thumb slip on the ‘Like’ button? This put you in jeopardy”, “It’s not just the fact that you hit the ‘Like’ you should apologize for”, “It was never a mistake to even share it. It’s not,” he said, slapping Neville.

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