‘Monster and monster faced off’ 1 billion pay duo’s catch ball match

Hanwha Eagles’ spring camp, which has been ranked No. 1 in the country for two consecutive years, is overflowing with hope.

On the 3rd (Korean time), the Hanwha team had a spring camp training at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA.

Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun. In the 2022 and 2023 rookie drafts, they are the young guns in the arms of the Eagles with the first overall pick side by side.

The two, the future and hope of Hanwha, teamed up to play catch in the training session on the 3rd.

The lightly thrown ball became faster and faster. As if competing for each other’s pitches, they put all their strength into each other’s glove and threw the ball with all their might.

It was impressive to see Kim Seo-hyun’s fast-flying ball curve like a snake right in front of Moon Dong-ju. Surprised by Moon Dong-joo’s fast ball, Kim Seo-hyun also ducked and caught the ball, then raised her thumb toward the one-year senior.

After a tense catch-ball match, Kim Seo-hyun, who had a firm expression throughout, smiled wide and bowed respectfully toward Moon Dong-ju.

Moon Dong-joo, who suddenly became an older brother from the youngest, comforted Kim Seo-hyun’s shoulder and encouraged him, drawing laughter. 카지노

One hundred words are not enough. You can check the video of the two people’s catch ball battle full of power.

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