‘Oh Seung-hwan may step on the train’ Pittsburgh, Choi Ji-man, will he be allowed to participate in the WBC?

Choi Ji-man underwent an elbow bone fragment removal surgery on November 22 last year.

Choi Ji-man fell into a severe slump in the second half after playing through pain last season.

After the season ended, Choi Ji-man, who returned to Korea, eventually underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow.

It is known that the doctor who performed the operation said , “If you go through the rehabilitation process of up to 12 weeks, there will be no problem in preparing for the start of next year’s season.”

12 weeks is until February this year.

The WBC will be held in March. No matter how smoothly Choi Ji-man digests rehabilitation, it is impossible to put him into actual combat.

Pittsburgh doesn’t know this.

In addition, Choi Ji-man was traded to the Pittsburgh uniform. It is difficult to put pressure on his team as soon as he leaves. This is because the WBC could ruin the 2023 season.

The WBC is just an event event.

Pittsburgh is unlikely to let Choi Ji-man play for the WBC.스포츠토토

Even Choi Ji-man should not insist on participating in the WBC.

Oh Seung-hwan is a good example. Oh Seung-han forced himself to compete in the WBC in 2017 and ruined the season that year due to aftereffects.

In fact, Oh Seung-hwan confessed, “Honestly, I think there was an aftereffect of the WBC.”

Choi Ji-man will become a free agent after the 2023 season. Condition management must be done thoroughly.

It remains to be seen what decision Pittsburgh will make.