One man’s choice… Will it be Kim Jae-yeol, Hwang, or Kim Yoo-shin who replaces Anderson on Saturday?

The Kia Tigers have had a headache lately with their mercenary pitchers. Anderson-Madinah are not cool. Even rookie Yoon Young-chul has lower expectations. In this situation, manager Kim Jong-kook made a risky move by sending Anderson to the Futures. It’s a big risk for a team to make a first-round pick.

But it’s not a long one. It’s temporary. After being sent down to the Futures, Shawn Anderson will only make one rotation. The next time, he’ll be right back in the lineup and start. Anderson’s turn is this Saturday (June 3), assuming the game isn’t rained out.

The players who will take his place are the ones who came up from the Futures this time around. For now, Kia has called up Hwang Dong-ha and Kim Jae-yeol to the 메이저놀이터 first team. Head coach Kim Jong-guk revealed that Hwang Dong-ha, Kim Jae-yeol, and Kim Yoo-shin are the candidates to replace Anderson.

Kim Jae-yeol has a 2.68 ERA in 37 innings and 40 K in seven games for the Futures this season.

He is currently considered the best pitcher in the Futures organization. Hwang Dong-ha is a 22-year-old right-handed orthodox pitcher who was drafted in the seventh round of the 2016 rookie draft. He has a 3.10 ERA in 40.2 innings this season. On top of that, his fastball has improved to the mid-to-high 140s.

In his last start against the LG, Kim gave up one home run in three innings, but otherwise pitched well.

Sure, it’s temporary. But it’s a chance for them to shine.

They’ll need to capitalize on this opportunity if they want to continue to be given opportunities in the future. So, who will fill Anderson’s shoes, we’ll find out sometime tomorrow.

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