Only 3 staff ‘hit the ball’…’Sketch’ damage to Heungkuk Life Insurance players

Heungkuk Life Insurance scored a set score of 2-3 (28-30, 20-25, 25-16, 25-21, 11-15 ) was defeated.

Heungkuk Life Insurance suddenly left the team on the 2nd. Shin Yong-jun, the new general manager, said, “Coach Soon-chan Kwon and general manager Kim Yeo-il had a conflict over the management of the game,” but it was a lie. High-ranking officials of Taekwang Group, the parent company of Heungkuk Life Insurance, intervened in the selection of players, and when coach Kwon refused to do so, the position was robbed.

The controversy continued. Kook Life Insurance announced on the 6th that coach Lee Young-soo, who was in charge of the game against GS Caltex, left and appointed coach Kim Ki-joong as the successor to coach Kwon Soon-chan. However, as the seriousness of the situation continued, director Kim Ki-joong declined the directorship. In the end, Heungkuk Life Insurance announced an apology on the 10th along with the news of director Kim Ki-joong’s dismissal from the supervisory position. Acting Daekyung Kim leads the team while appointing a new manager.

The head coach and head coach left the team together, and the number of staff was drastically reduced. According to Heungkuk Life Insurance officials, after coach Kwon Soon-chan and head coach Lee Young-seo left the team, training was conducted with former acting Kim Dae-kyung and coach Choi Ji-wan, as well as power analyst Jeon Jeon-hoon, who has volleyball experience. It was a training conducted with only ‘three’ staff who could hit the ball to the so-called players.

Acting Kim Dae-gyeong said in an interview with Hyundai Construction before the game, “Once I leave, there will be no staff left to play volleyball. He intends to stay for the players. He also thinks it’s not good to suddenly have a volleyball player from outside. The training was prepared in advance with the staff in line with the Hyundai E&C match, and proceeded as planned.”

The match was tight. Heungkuk Life Insurance played a game centering on the twins of Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena, and Hyundai E&C also showed the performance of Yang Hyo-jin and Hwang Yeon-joo. From the first set, the two teams showed their performance in the 1st and 2nd places and played a deuce match. Hyundai E&C won the first and second sets, but Heungkuk Life Insurance counterattacked by winning the third and fourth sets. In the 5th set, after a close match, Hyundai E&C scored consecutively at the end of the set and took 2 points.

Although Heungkuk Life Insurance lost, it still boasted its strength even in a stormy situation. Because of this, I feel very bitter about the training that was conducted with three staff members. The choice of the ‘top line’ is leading to a handshake, and the damage is being passed on to the players. 카지노

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