Park Hang-seo finished Last Dance… Five years of miracles in Vietnam

Head coach Park Hang-seo, who showed outstanding leadership in the Vietnamese soccer team, has returned as a natural person.

Director Park Hang-seo’s five-year journey to Vietnam was summarized by Hong Seok-joon.

[Reporter] Head coach Park Hang-

seo of the Vietnam national soccer team bid a beautiful farewell to Vietnam after 5-year partnership with Vietnam after finishing runner-up in the Southeast Asia Mitsubishi Cup.

“I feel the pain of parting, but I think it was an inevitable choice for Vietnamese soccer to develop further, and I am thinking of moving on a new path after clearing my mind.”

In 2017, coach Park Hang-seo was appointed as the head coach of the Vietnam national team and the U-23 national team.

Coach Park has improved the constitution of Vietnamese football with his unique ‘Brother Leadership’.

It passed the second qualifying round for the 2022 Qatar World Cup and performed the magic of advancing to the World Cup final qualifying round for the first time in Vietnamese soccer history. Also, in the under-23 national team, the first runner-up in the 2018 AFC U-23 Championship in Southeast Asia, and the first ever Asian Games advance to the semifinals. wrote

Coach Park, who raised the FIFA ranking to the top 90 and developed Vietnamese football, was called “the national papa” in Vietnam, and in Korea, he was nicknamed “Ssaldink” because he resembled coach Hiddink, who wrote the legend of the 2002 World Cup semifinals. . 카지노사이트

Director Park, who also created a craze for recruiting Korean leaders in Southeast Asia, paved the way for Indonesian coach Shin Tae-yong and others to take the helm.

Coach Park, who has drawn the line to return to domestic coaching, is contemplating his next move ahead of his contract expiring at the end of this month.

“I have clearly stated that I do not coach in Vietnam or Korea. (But) I think I will definitely do soccer-related work.”

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