‘Park Ji-sung on vacation’ Evra’s insightful appeal “I want to go to Squid Game 2”

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, who is well-known in Korea as ‘Park Ji-sung’s best friend’, expressed his strong will, saying that he wanted to appear in Korean TV and movies.

Evra, who is known to be on vacation with Park Ji-sung in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), recently posted a post targeting Korea through her personal Instagram.

Evra first greeted ‘all fans in Korea’ by saying “Hello” in Korean. While doing so, he introduced ‘guest Park Ji-sung’ and pulled Park Ji-seong, who was next to him, into the camera.

먹튀검증 He immediately got to the point. Evra said in Korean, “Running Man 2, I want to go out” and asked Park Ji-sung to check if the pronunciation was correct. He continued to say, “Parasite 2, I want to go out” and “Squid Game Season 2, I want to go out”, expressing his willingness to appear in popular entertainment programs such as Running Man, the movie Parasite, and the Netflix drama Squid Game.

Evra hash tags such as Parasite, Squid Game, Running Man, and Korea.

Park Ji-sung spared no support, saying, “Please prepare. Soon there will be a day to see (Evra) in Korea.”

Evra was best friends with Ji-Sung Park during his Manchester United days. For this reason, he is classified as a representative ‘Korean-friendly’ player in Korea. He said “I’m an idiot” over and over again.

Evra played for Manchester United from 2006 to 2014, having previously played for Monsa, Nice and Monaco. During his time at Manchester United, he has grown into one of Europe’s best left-backs. He has since moved on to Juventus, Marseille before retiring from West Ham in 2018. He made 81 appearances for France.

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