Pittsburgh rookie “I’ll learn from good content”

Pittsburgh Pirates rookie pitcher 안전놀이터 Queen Priest (23), who showed extreme pitching in his debut, expressed his feelings.

“I’ll find a lesson from what was really good,” Frister said in an interview after losing 0-11 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the 18th (Korea Standard Time), referring to his appearance (51/3 innings, 7 hits, 2 home runs, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts, 7 runs).

His appearance on this day was polar opposites. The first three innings were blocked perfectly. He turned the opponent’s batting line by inducing eight ground balls alone. However, he later collapsed, allowing a hard hit.

“I think I did really well in the first three innings. I made an advantageous count,” he said, opening his mouth, “then things changed as I was driven to an unfavorable count. I tried to recover the count. “It’s clear that we have to do better against good hitters,” he said, expressing regret.

He also agreed to the criticism of the set position situation, saying, “It is a part that needs to be supplemented.” At the same time, “I felt that control was possible in many ways. I think it’s something that can be fixed. He vowed to rebound, saying, “We will show better performance next time.”

“I think it’s a problem to find a sense. “It is necessary to understand the economic situation and feel confident,” he said, suggesting restoring confidence as his top priority.

What lessons did he learn from his mixed debut? When asked about this, the answer was, “I will learn from the good things.” “I think in the first three innings I’ve proved that I can belong here. After that, he gave up a walk in three innings and was driven to an unfavorable count. “I will try to repeat what I showed in the first three innings,” he said.

Coach Derek Shelton said, “In the first three innings, the ball control was low. It was also good to induce ground balls using sinkers. Then, it was regrettable that he gave up a long hit after a walk. It looked flat in the sixth inning. “The ball was high,” he said, commenting on the rookie’s pitch. He also added, “If you throw such a high ball against left-handed batters, you will be hit.” “I’m not worried,” he said flatly, as for the arrest that failed to exceed 94 miles.

On this day, Pittsburgh put six new players, including Frister, in the starting lineup. Catcher Andy Rodriguez, who worked with Prister in Triple-A, also made his debut.

“It was a really exciting day regardless of the outcome,” Frister said, expressing his joy of making his debut together.

“Tomorrow is another day,” said Rodriguez, who vowed to work hard, “I think the future is here. “We will do something special in this team,” he said, expressing his confidence as a rookie.

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