‘Recruit Noh Seung-jun’ is a descendant of the sky… Can the reputation of the strongest 3×3 team in Korea be maintained?

A new version of the Skyfall Inje makes its debut. Can we recreate the mighty power of the past?

On the 4th, the 2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon opened at the National Sports Center in Hongcheon-gun, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do. The biggest issue of this tournament, which will be held first in Korea in 2023, is the ‘Heavenly Inje’.

The best 3×3 team in Korea, Haneulnaerin Inje, center Bang Deok-won retired at the end of last year. The evaluation continued that the retirement of Bang Deok-won, who was the main player of the team, would lead to a weakening of power.

After struggling for a long time to fill the vacancy of Bang Deok-won, Inje recruited Roh Seung-jun from Korea University and KCC. Noh Seung-jun, who has excellent physical ability and clever BQ, was evaluated as the best player to replace Bang Deok-won’s vacancy.

Noh Seung-jun, who jumped into the 3×3 stage from 2019, could hardly form a relationship with a good team despite his outstanding skills. He was recruited by a new team every year, but conditions were not prepared for him to play an active role for more than a year.

Noh Seung-jun, who was recruited by Inje after many twists and turns, pledged to fight hard, and in January, he and his teammates even went to field training in Mongolia.

Noh Seung-jun said, “Actually, there are ups and downs, so I lost a lot of affection for 3×3. However, after joining the new sky down inje and going to Mongolia training camp, the old passion is rekindled (laughs). Especially, the Mongolian 3×3 national team The things I learned from the coach were so new, and they were very helpful. I want to use them properly in practice,” he confessed, saying that his passion for 3×3 has grown again after joining the team. 메이저놀이터

It seems that the key will be how synergistic the existing players and Noh Seung-jun will be in the new sky-down Inje, which will be shown for the first time through the 2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon.

Unlike Bang Deok-won, who was 210 cm tall, Noh Seung-jun, who is 196 cm tall, picked his strength as ‘outside defense’. Noh Seung-jun said, “(Bang) Deok-won is smaller in height, but I think I’m better at speed and vigorous movement. And because I have the defensive ability to quickly tie the opponent’s outer shooter, I will play a play that does not harm the reputation of the sky. I will,” he said.

As he said, Seungjun Noh’s athletic ability is unmatched. Noh Seung-Jun, who has strong basic strength, seems to make up for the downside of Park Min-Soo’s slow speed when he is not on the court.

In this tournament, Hansol Remicon, Assist X Basketball College, Busan DEPOT134, and Hongcheon Epin will face each other in succession. There are no easy opponents.

Sky down Inje, who has been aiming to win the first tournament in 2023, shooter Kim Min-seop will miss this tournament due to injury. Indeed, it remains to be seen what kind of synergy the newly recruited Roh Seung-jun will show with the existing players in the absence of Kim Min-seop.

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