“Seohyun, I’m afraid it will be uncomfortable if I approach her willingly… “I was so considerate of a 155km rookie…

At the Hanwha spring camp, the players who are definitely attracting attention are Moon Dong-ju, a second-year player, and Kim Seo-hyun, a first-year player. It was like that even before Kim Seo-hyun went through the recent social media scandal. The reporters who visited the site focused on the ‘155km duo’ every day.

In this situation, when Kim Seo-hyun became the main character of the controversy, the atmosphere at Hanwha Spring Camp became depressed in an instant. On the 11th (hereafter Korean time), Seohyun Kim returned to training after 3 days of self-reflection. He apologized to members of the Hanwha squad, front desk, coaching staff, and baseball fans. No matter how good you are at baseball, people come first. It is unacceptable for a player to curse at the coach who is being taught and the fan who is the owner of professional sports. 바카라

If you know it, the seniors have been considerate of Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun. Jung Woo-ram, the oldest person I met during this camp, said, “As a senior, I want to watch the two of them for a year.” It is true that Jung Woo-ram is too difficult for the two to readily approach.

However, Jung Woo-ram did not dare to approach the two. Moon Dong-ju said all he did was give him one piece of advice last year when he was in the 2nd division. The reason I said I would just watch for a year was because I didn’t want to burden the two prospects. It’s already a time when we hear a lot from the leaders, but I know that if I help out with a word or two just because I’m a senior, it can be nagging and burdensome.

Local ace Kim Min-woo recently said something similar. Kim Min-woo said, “I talked to Dong-ju, but I couldn’t talk to Seo-hyun a few times. I’m afraid I’ll be uncomfortable if I approach it. Dong-ju is quiet and good at throwing the ball well. She wants to talk more about her with Seohyun, but she can’t get close yet. She is different from Dongju.”

Still, I am more considerate of Kim Seo-hyun, who has not yet made her professional debut, than Moon Dong-ju, who adapted after seeing bitter taste in her pro for a year last year. Kim Min-woo said, “I wonder if Seohyun knows the atmosphere of a professional and goes out to the game and throws, so she will do well. I hope Dong-ju doesn’t get sick. Since I got hurt once, it’s best not to get sick as a pro.”

It is clear that the seniors sincerely cherish and care for Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun. People say that Moon Dong-ju went through an ordeal due to an injury last year and that he has a good personality. However, it is difficult to judge Kim Seo-hyun at this point. He should not at least betray his seniors who have been considerate of him.

According to Hanwha, Jung Woo-ram took this situation as an opportunity to give Kim Seo-hyun heartfelt advice. Kim Seo-hyun said, “I visited all the seniors and apologized. The seniors said, ‘Reflection on this mistake and use it as an opportunity to become a better person.’ It made me think again about how to act.”

Continuing on, Kim Seo-hyun said, “Especially, Jung Woo-ram senior gave me a lot of good words. ‘I made a mistake once, so I have to change a lot, and I have to work harder, become more mature, and train harder.’ They exist because of this, and the fans are really precious.’ Hearing those words, I felt that I had acted really foolishly, and I deeply reflected on myself. In the future, I will live with the gratitude of the fans in my heart.”

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