Shim Jong-hyun, who passed the first stage, has a chance to succeed in the big league

What are the chances of success for Shim Jong-hyeon (Kevin Shim), who passed the MLB draft?

Shim Jong-hyun was selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks with the 148th overall pick in the 5th round of the 2023 MLB Draft held on the 11th (Korean time)메이저도메인. It became a hot topic when it became known that he was the second son of Shim Jeong-soo, who recorded 328 homers in the KBO league. After retiring in 2008, all three sons of Shim Jeong-soo, who moved to the United States, played baseball. He posted an OPS of 1.025 combined with on-base percentage (0.401) and slugging percentage (0.624) in the College League (NCAA) this year.

MBC Sports Plus commentator Song Jae-woo, an MLB expert, said, “The 5th round is not a low ranking. It means that the team saw potential.”, the official website of MLB, evaluated Shim Jong-hyun’s power and hitting as 50 and 45, respectively, on the ’20-80 scale’, which measures the talent of a prospect with a maximum of 80 and a minimum of 20 (average of 50). He was highly rated for his slugging power, which allowed him to hit a home run with a wooden bat. Shim Jong-hyun’s 13 home runs in the college league this year are the most among hitters at the University of San Diego. Commissioner Song Jae-woo added, “If you look at the scale figures, there is strength in hitting (more than defense), and at this level, it seems that the risk of (failure when nominated) is very high.”

In this rookie draft, Arizona focused on drafting college players like Shim Jong-hyun. Only university players were named until the 19th round, including Tommy Troy (Stanford University), who was nominated in the 12th overall in the first round. Most of the players were born between 2000 and 2002, and are Shim Jong-hyun’s age. Shim Jong-Hyun became the third-fastest college fielder to wear the Arizona uniform, following Troy and Gino Gruber (ranked 48 overall in the second round, University of North Carolina). The fact that there are many players of the same age can be interpreted as meaning that the ‘survival competition’ can be fierce. “There are a lot of really good, versatile college players (in this draft),” said Arizona scouting director Ian Levan.

Commissioner Song Jae-woo said, “There are cases in which college players are better in terms of maturity that can be used quickly in the minor leagues (in the big leagues). I think that was considered this time as well.” Clubs view the pace of development differently compared to younger high school graduates, and if you join a team three or four years older than a high school graduate and don’t stand out quickly enough, you’ll be off the team’s radar. can,” he advised.

In the MLB rookie draft, a recommended down payment is set for each nomination. It is a device to prevent indiscriminate spending, and the total down payment of the 148th place selected by Shim Jong-hyun is slightly more than 420,000 dollars (540 million won). If the down payment is low, the club may easily give up the player. Shim Jong-hyun’s recommended down payment is low compared to Troy (5.04 million dollars) or Gruber (1.78 million dollars), but it is not ‘cheap’. Commissioner Song Jae-woo said, “If you receive more than 1 million dollars (1.3 billion won), you will get more attention, but after 10 rounds, there are many players who only receive about 30,000 dollars (38 million won). (Minor league for the upcoming season) I think I will send it to the level of low single-A.”

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