‘Shock’ Brazilian legend Alves arrested for ‘sexual harassment’ at Barcelona club

Brazilian football legend Dani Alves has been arrested for sexual assault. He vehemently denies the allegation, but Spanish police plan to take Alves to court for allegedly assaulting a woman at a nightclub.

According to Spanish radio station Cadena Serre, on the 20th local time, Spanish police arrested Alves in Barcelona. Alves is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a nightclub last month. Alves’ spokesperson strongly insisted that “the player strongly denies the allegations.”

Alves was arrested at the Mossad de Escuadrade Les Corts Police Station in Barcelona. The victim claimed to Spanish media shortly after the incident that a player reached under her underwear without her consent at a nightclub in late December.

Alves is expected to appear before the Barcelona Municipal Court, where a judge will investigate the case and decide the circumstances.

The Catalan Supreme Court announced that “a woman has filed a complaint in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred at a Barcelona nightclub last month. As a result, she has initiated proceedings on charges of sexual assault.” An official from the local authorities confirmed to the media that “a man accused of forcible harassment at a Barcelona nightclub has been arrested.”

온라인카지노 “It’s true I was at a nightclub with my friends,” Alves admitted on Spain’s Antenna 3, but “I had a great time dancing and not intruding on anyone’s space. I don’t know who that woman is. How could I tell her? could that be?”

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