“Take the bat, please” 3 times → finally left, the whole story goes like this.

Hwang Dae-in (27-KIA), who put down his bat and made an unspoken protest, was ejected for the first time in his career, and manager Kim Jong-kook revealed the circumstances.

Hwang Dae-in struck out looking in his 스포츠토토 second at-bat of the fourth inning against Hanwha in Daejeon on March 23. Hanwha pitcher Ricardo Sanchez’s four-pitch fastball to the body was called a strike. Hwang struck out. He threw his bat to the ground in frustration over the call.

Umpire Lee Young-jae tried to calm him down. Hwang Dae-in muttered something to himself and turned around without taking any action. However, umpire Lee Young-jae pointed to the bat and called out to Hwang Dae-in several times. Whether Hwang heard or not is unknown, but he didn’t pick up the bat and headed to the third base dugout.

Umpire Lee Young-jae then ordered Hwang Dae-in to leave the game immediately. KIA head coach Kim Jong-guk and assistant coach Jin Gap-yong came onto the field to appeal, but there was no reversal.

It was Hwang Dae-in’s first ejection of the season for a ball call, the first in his seven-season first team career.

Coach Kim Jong-kook said before the game on the 24th, “It was a protest against the strike call. Hwang Dae-in himself thought it was a ball, but it was called a strike,” explaining, “I wanted to go out and represent the player’s feelings.”

According to coach Kim Jong-guk, umpire Lee Young-jae repeatedly told him to take the bat three times. But Hwang ignored him and walked into the dugout.

“I think Hwang Dae-in thought for sure that the last pitch was a ball, and I think he did it (not listening to the umpire) as a protest,” Kim said.

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