‘Team Aces’ Kim Ha-seong and Ryu Hyun-jin to compete simultaneously on the 26th

Two Korean leaguers, Kim Ha-seong and Ryu Hyun-jin, who are active as the aces of their team, will make another sortie.

The first player to sortie is Kim Ha-seong of the San Diego Peedless. We meet the Milwaukee Brewers on the 26th (Sat) at 9:10 am at America Family Field, Wisconsin 소닉카지노.

According to Baseball Reference, a baseball statistics site, as of the 24th, Kim Ha-seong’s WAR was 6.1, ranking 4th in the MLB and 3rd in the National League. Ha-seong Kim was nominated for the 2023 MLB ‘Heart and Hustle Award’ on behalf of the San Diego Padres in recognition of his fighting spirit in every game.

Kim Ha-seong started against the Miami Marlins on the 24th and scored a double against Cy Young Award winner Sandy Alcantara to go on base in six consecutive games and even scored in the final. Can Ha-seong Kim, who laid the foundation for the team’s 4-0 victory, continue his 7-game on-base streak in the away game against Milwaukee tomorrow (26th)?

The match between the Cleveland Guardians and the Toronto Blue Jays, for which Hyun-jin Ryu was predicted to start after Ha-seong Kim, will be played at the Rogers Center in Ontario, Canada at 4:07 am on the 27th (Sun).

‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin goes on a hunt for ‘3 wins of the season’ against the Cleveland Guardians. On the 8th, Korean time, Ryu Hyun-jin made his second start after returning from injury against Cleveland. According to MLB.com, Ryu Hyun-jin’s fastball average speed was low at 88.8 miles (about 143 km) that day, but the location was sharp, and the changeup stole the batter’s timing.

However, Ryu Hyun-jin, who continued to record a no-hit until the 4th inning, was replaced on the mound after being hit on the knee by a batted ball hit by a hitter, and unfortunately missed the opportunity for the first win of the season. Currently, Ryu Hyun-jin continues to hold an unbeaten record in three consecutive games (season 2 wins, 1 loss, average ERA of 1.89). On the 27th (Sun), interest is gathering in whether he will be able to continue his streak of four consecutive games with a three-game winning streak against Cleveland.

Both matches scheduled for 9:00 am on the 26th and 4:00 am on the 27th can be found on SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW.

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