Team Kim Joon-tae, Team Nikos, and Tim Bromdal took the lead in each group with 2 wins side by side

Team Kim Joon-tae, Team Nikos, and Tim Bromdal rose to the top of each group at the World 3-Cushion Grand Prix with two wins. Also, Team Mux, Team Kim Haengjik, and Team Sanchez won their first win.

On the 20th, the second day of the group stage of the ‘World 3-Cushion Grand Prix 2023′ group exhibition’Challenge Ground’ (hereinafter referred to as Team Challenge) held at the Wonju Inter-Burgo Hotel in Wonju-si, Gangwon-do was finished.

◆Group A-Team Kim Jun-tae 2 wins, leading alone… 120:61 Complete Victory over Team Mux and Team Jaspers

Team Kim Jun-tae (Kim Jun-tae Garcia Hashas Klompenhauer) defeated Team Zanetti (Zanetti Cha Myeong-jong San Van Eten Caracasil) 120:80 (72 innings).

In Team Kim Jun-tae, José Juan Garcia lost to Cha Myeong-jong, but Kim Jun-tae defeated Marco Zanetti, and Burak Hashas and Teresa Klompenhauer also won by defeating Samvan Eten and Gujin Mude Caracasil, respectively. Team Kim Jun-tae, who recorded the second win following the victory the previous day, rose to first place alone in Group A.

In the same group, Team Mux (Mux Nelin, Hwang Bong-ju, Noriko) was consistently ahead of Team Yaspers (Jaspers, Choglu, Kogelbauer, Jang Ga-yeon) and won 120:61 (73 innings).

Team Mux defeated Dick Jaspers 40:11 with team leader Eddy Mux leading the way with 15 high runs, and Dion Nelin also won a complete victory over Murat Nasi Choglu with 42:21 (17 innings) based on a strong attack power of 2.529 average. all. 안전놀이터

In addition, Hwang Bong-joo won against Nicolas Kogelbauer, and Pukao Noriko won the first victory of the tournament by defeating Team Jaspers with a draw against Ga-Yeon Jang. In particular, Team Mux was the only team to win this day with all team members undefeated (3 wins and 1 draw).

◆Group B-Team Nikos beats Team Sea Dome and wins 2… Team San Chess 1st win

, Group B Team Nikos (Polychronopoulos Lee Choong-bok, Son Jun-hyuk, Lee Jeong-hee) defeated Team Sidom (Sidom Choi Seong-won, Katano Kim Gwang-hyun) 120:83 (62 innings).

Team Nikos was defeated by Choi Seong-won and Kim Gwang-hyeon by one point, with Lee Chung-bok and Lee Jung-hee respectively. However, ‘team leader’ Nikos Polychronopoulos defeated Same Sidom 44:17 in 11 innings with a powerful attack power of 4 points average, and Son Jun-hyeok also defeated Huberni Catano to win, recording the second win, and Group B rose to 1st

Team Sanchez (Sanchez, Gonzalez, Dagata, Park Soo-young) of the same group defeated Team Tran (Tran Quiet Chien, Wing Duk An Chien, Takao Wing Ni Hoang Yen) with a score of 120:82 (77 innings).

Team Sanchez lost Pedro Gonzalez to Wing Duk An Chien, but Daniel Sanchez greatly defeated Tranquiet Chien with 43:19 (16 innings). In addition, Alessio Dagata and Park Soo-young also won their first victory in the tournament by defeating Miyashita Takao and Wing Ni Hoang Yen.

◆Group C-Tim Bromdal 2 wins alone lead… Team Kim Haeng-jik Reports First

Win In Group C, Team Bromdal (Bromdal Choi Wan-young Wingtrantandu Pedro Piedra Buena) defeated Team Tasdemir (Tasdemir Jo Myung-woo Aiman ​​Han Ji-eun) 120:92 (81 innings).

Tim Bromdal defeated Wingtrantantu Jo Myung-woo with a score of 19:41 (24 innings), but Tobjon Bromdal set a counterfire by beating Typhoon Tasdemir with a score of 43:17 (17 innings). In addition, Pedro Piedrabuena and Choi Wan-young also won and won their second victory over Mahmoud Ayman and Han Ji-eun, respectively, to rise to first place in the group.

In the same group, Kim Haeng-jik (Kim Haeng-jik, Legazpi Soares, Kim Hyung-gon) defeated Heo Jeong-han (Huh Jeong-han, Seo Chang-hoon, Kim Jin-yeol, and Kim Dong-ryong) with a score of 120:85 (75 innings).

In Team Kim Haeng-jik, Jin-yeol Kim lost to Jose Miguel Soares, but Haeng-jik Kim won the ‘team leader confrontation’ with Jeong-han Heo, and Ruben Legazpi and Hyung-gon Kim defeated Chang-hoon Seo and Dong-ryong Kim, respectively, to win the first victory of the tournament.

[World 3 Cushion Grand Prix Team Challenge Group Leaderboard – 20 Days] 1st place in

Group A

: Team Kim Jun-tae (2 wins 0 draw 0 losses/4 points/240 match points/average 1.387)

2nd place: Team Mux (1 win 0) 1 loss / 2 points / 239 points / 1.512)

3rd place: Team Zanetti (1 win 0 draw 1 loss / 2 points / 200 points / 1.282)

4th place: Team Jaspers (0 wins 0 draws 2 losses / 0 points / 159 points) Points/0.929) 1st Place in

Group B

: Team Polycro (2 Wins 0 Draws 0 Loss/4 Points/240 Points/1.558)

2nd Place: Team Sea Dome (1 Win 0 Draw 1 Loss/2 Points/203 Points/1.380)

3rd place: Team Sanchez (1 win 0 draw 1 loss/2 points/222 points/1.321)

4th place: Team Tran (0 wins 0 draws 2 losses/0 points/193 points/1.191)

Group C

1st place: Tim Brom Moon (2 wins 0 draw 0 losses/4 points/240 points/1.578)

2nd place: Tim Tasdemir (1 win 0 draw 1 loss/2 points/212 points/1.403)

3rd place: Tim Heo Jeong-han (1 win 0) 1 loss / 2 points / 192 points / 1.333)

4th place: Team Kim Haeng-jik (0 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses / 0 points / 174 points / 1.200)

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