The power of the Jones, Ha Yoon-gi, and Yang Hong-seok triangular formation, it is difficult if KT is in the lower ranks, Carrot Jeon Seong-hyun’s lonely struggle

It is difficult if KT is in the lower ranks.

It is comparable to SK in terms of member composition. However, it is not the style that director Seo Dong-chul uses by turning members abundantly. Still, the core is so strong that it is an awkward team to stay in the lower ranks. From the recruitment of Jarod Jones, who has strong offensive power, to Ha Yoon-ki and Yang Hong-seok, who see the effect of Jones’ gravity. It is no longer possible for KT to say that there is a problem with offensive power due to the vacuum of Heo Hoon.

It is true that the advanced line between Jung Sung-woo and Choi Seong-mo is not highly competitive. In the case of Jung Sung-woo, there were signs of a slump from the middle of the season. Even on this day, he was not very good with 29% field goal success rate and 8 points. Still, he starts with defense and gradually increases his contribution. Crucially, Asian Quarter Dave Ildefonso came. Ildefonso was absent on this day, but a player who should explode in the playoffs. In a team focused on defense and transition, the conditions to win a game with strong offense are in place. 바카라

Overwhelmed from heights against Carrot. With the power of the big lineup, Carrot was defeated. Ha Yun-ki only had 2 rebounds, but scored 22 points, and Yang Hong-seok’s 16 points and 12 rebounds also helped the team. Jones scored 18 points and became a firm figure.

In Carrot, Seong-Hyun Jeon struggled with 20 points, including 4 3-pointers. However, there is a weakness that causes a lot of mismatches in the matchup. KT has no choice but to struggle. Kim Kang-sun, who saw the effect of Jeon Seong-hyun’s gravity, scored 21 points, including 7 3-pointers, but Lee Jung-hyun only scored 11 points. From the middle of the season, Lee Jung-hyun’s impact is clearly diminishing. Didric Lawson also faltered with four points.

Suwon KT Sonicboom beat Goyang Carrot Jumpers 90-76 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Round 4 home game held at Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena on the 27th. They kept 7th place with 15 wins and 19 losses. Carrot lost 2 straight and maintained 5th place with 18 wins and 17 losses.

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