“Was it a disturbance then, now a bad song?” Subjective 3ft VR reading. Why only KIA? The first one was more unfair, what if the ‘judgment of judgment’ goes wrong?

KIA Tigers manager Kim Jong-kook was sent off for the second time of the season with a video review appeal.

It was the opposite of the first exit.

The final match of the first half against Samsung was held at Champions Field in Gwangju on the 13th. Samsung had 0-0 in the top of the third inning with two outs and a runner on first base.

Pirella’s missed ball rolled slowly on the first base line. Pitcher Yang Hyun-jong caught it quickly. Typing runner Pirella was running inside the line. To avoid this, 꽁머니 Yang Hyun-jong’s ball was biased toward second base. First baseman Choi Won-joon reached out his hand, but the distance was not reached. In the end, the ball headed toward the second baseman who came in as a backup. batter safe and first baseman Kim Sung-yoon took this opportunity to advance to third base.

KIA immediately applied for a video review.

The reading took longer than I thought. With 30 seconds left, the conclusion is safe.

The referee explained, “The batter ran toward the pair, but it was judged to be a throwing mistake from the beginning and declared safe.” KIA manager Kim Jong-kook ran out of the bench. protested furiously. According to the automatic exit rule of the video reading protest, coach Kim was sent off.

▶27 days ago, 3ft defense obstruction VR judgment overturned → Nightmare begins

KIA has a nightmare in video reading regarding the three-foot line defense obstruction rule.

Coach Kim Jong-kook appealed to the opposite case against Gwangju NC on the 16th of last month He was sent off for the first time in the season.

Ryu Jin-wook committed a bad pitch as his balance collapsed in the process of handling a bunt hit on the third base by Shin Bum-soo in the fifth inning when he was chasing 9-10. It’s a tie 10-10. Video reading made at NC’s request. Shin Bum-soo was out because he jumped inside the three-foot line and interfered with defense. The score was canceled, and the runner had to return to his original position.

It was very unfair for KIA, which lost both the judgment at the time and this decision.

▶ Controversial phrase ‘when judged by the referee’, difference in perspective that was unfavorable only to KIA

The baseball rule 5.09 out rule stipulates, “If the referee determines that the batter interfered with the fielder by leaving the 3-foot line inside and outside the foul line while running the second half between base and first base, it will be out.”

At that time, Ryu Jin-wook was hit by a batter when he slipped while trying to catch a ball from the third base and throw it to third base, and the ball he threw to first base belatedly became a bad pitch. It was hard to say that the batter ran inside the line and prevented the throw.

Even the sending bunt, which should have been a success, failed because of a three-foot obstruction decision.

▶ The purpose of the 3-foot defense obstruction is to prevent the throwing

This case was the opposite.

Yang even caught the ball from the first base line. Pirella was playing inside the foul line.

In order to throw to the first baseman to avoid the batter runner, he had no choice but to throw to the second base. However, the throw was too far away for the first baseman to receive. This is why he “judged” it as a throwing error before interruption. If Yang Hyun-jong’s throw had been hit by Pirella, he would have been out due to defensive interference. The purpose of the three-pat defense obstruction rule is to prevent intentional throwing obstruction. In urgent cases, the batter may purposely jump inward.

As a result of both readings in the opposite case, the final trial against KIA was made.

For KIA, it was fair enough. If I had to say it, the first case was much more unfair. The final authority to determine whether a three-foot line violation is obstructed by the referee. But the first case was hard to see as a defensive interference. Considering the throwing angle, it was difficult to make such an interpretation.

▶ Two 3-foot VR readings that only targeted KIA, leaving was inevitable

Head coach Kim Jong-kook, who would have remembered the injustice at the time, had no choice but to run out regardless of whether to leave or not.

Two video readings related to the three-foot line have become nightmares for KIA.

Another unfair review. KIA, who was able to finish the inning, gave up the first run with a catcher’s fastball with two outs and runners on first and third bases. In the fourth inning, Kim Jae-sung allowed a two-run shot and eventually lost 1-4. The incident provided the starting point for the suspension of six consecutive wins, which had been continued since the SSG match on the 5th. It was a disappointing result for KIA, who wanted to finish the first half with seven consecutive wins.

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