‘Yageyo’ commentator’ Kim Hyeon-seok, standing in the 32nd round, Jeong Hae-chang advanced to the 16th round. Younggeon Lim Seong-gyun, Park In-soo – Wellbang PBA Championship

Kim Hyun-seok was defeated 1-3 by Jeong Hae-chang, who had caused an affair with him, in the round of 32 of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang PBA Championship’ held on the 21st (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center), and Ji Chun-myeong’s 50-year-old challenge was stopped.

Although it was stopped in the round of 32, Kim Hyun-seok’s challenge itself brought joy to the fans and gave double fun by beating Kudron of the world in the round of 128.

Kim Hyun-seok hit a long hit each time, but the ups and downs were a bit severe. When he opened the road, he put on a show of continuous hits, and when he locked up, he was silent for a long time, unable to land a final blow.

온라인카지노 The fourth set, which was lost 1-2, was similar.

In the beginning, I was a bit futile, but I scored 12 points with 5 consecutive hits in 9 innings and 4 consecutive hits in 10 innings, and the victory was easy. Jeong Hae-chang, whose initial shot was shaken, was ahead by 12:5.

However, he suddenly started to let the ball slip away, and he hit six consecutive innings. In the meantime, Jeong Hae-chang, who scored 1 and 3 points, finally tied the score at 12:12 in 16 innings, and ended the long game with 3 consecutive hits in 18 innings.

Kim Hyun-seok did not bother to maintain a poca face. When he misses or makes a mistake, he expresses it naturally with his face or body. Winning and losing are important to him, but it was a sign that he enjoys playing billiards.

Younggun Lim Seong-kyun advanced to the round of 16 by defeating average 1st place Lim Tae-soo 3-1.

Seong-gyun Lim took the first and second sets 15:8 and 15:13 with 6 consecutive hits and 5 consecutive hits, then won 15:6 with 8 consecutive hits in 4 innings in the 4th set.

Kim Seong-ho defeated Ma Won-hee and Park In-su defeated Jeon In-hyuk 3-1 and advanced to the round of 16.

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