Yang Woo-hyun, who was nominated before Moon Bo-kyung, now is the time to show

Samsung Lions infielder Yang Woo-hyeon (23), who was expected to be the ‘second Jeong Geun-woo’ at the time of joining, was included in the first team spring camp roster in Okinawa, Japan.

Yang Woo-hyeon was evaluated as a top-notch infielder during his time at Chungam High School. He had a career high school batting average of 3.2 7 Lee (67 in 205 at-bats) with one home run, 37 RBIs, 43 runs scored and 34 stolen bases. He wore a Samsung uniform with the 22nd pick in the 2nd 3rd round in the 2019 rookie draft. He was a player with great potential for growth to be nominated earlier than Moon Bo-kyung (25th in the 2nd 3rd round), who emerged as a key member of the LG infield. An official from the club expressed Yang Woo-hyun as “a player reminiscent of Jung Keun-woo.”

His professional career was not easy. While Moon Bo-kyung, who was drafting motive, stood tall as a key member of the first team from 2021, Yang Woo-hyun did not leave a strong impression as expected. In the first year of his debut, he appeared once in his first team stage and went 0-for-1. He pitched in seven games the following year, but went 3-for-23 with a batting average of 10.3.

안전놀이터 He has also been at the center of controversy for issues outside of baseball. In December 2020, Yang Woo-hyun received internal disciplinary action for commenting in sympathy with Shin Dong-soo, who posted an inappropriate post on social media.

After returning from military service, Yang Woo-hyeon quietly sharpened the blade. Being included in the first-team camp list means that the club has high expectations. Yang Woo-hyun must also be well aware of this opportunity. Although his performance in the first team is less than his draft motive, Moon Bo-kyung, his strength is that he is still young and has completed his military service.

It is still too early to evaluate profit and loss. This is because Yang Woo-hyun, who was in the limelight as a top-notch infielder in high school, has the potential to properly show his value by putting the regrets of his past behind.

Samsung, which is leaving for Okinawa, Japan on the 30th, will have a total of 10 practice matches. A total of 5 matches will be played against the Japanese team: Nippon Ham on the 9th, Chunichi on the 11th and 12th, Hanshin on the 19th, and Yomiuri on March 4th.

A total of five practice matches will be held against domestic teams: Lotte on the 28th, KIA on March 1st and 5th, SSG on the 6th, and Hanwha on the 8th. For Yang Woo-hyun, this is a good opportunity to get the attention of the coaching staff.

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