Zlatan returns “I still feel like God, I’m the best”

Zlatan suffered a knee injury in May last year and missed a long time. He rehabilitated for more than half a year and built his body again. Zlatan’s contract with AC Milan runs until the 2022-23 season. He put his boots back on when he was less than 4 months old. 슬롯사이트

Zlatan, who is about to return, said on the 9th (Korean time) through the Italian media ‘Sports Me the Set’, “I still think of myself as a god. (While I’m gone) nothing has changed,” he said. “The reason I go to the ground is to defeat my opponent and win. I’m not going out to do volunteer work. If I wanted to, I would stay at home with the children.”

Then, about his own physical condition, “I was really good at preparing for my comeback. It feels good to be back in the AC Milan team. As I prepared, I did everything to help AC Milan’s manager, coaching staff and club. He prepared patiently with the mindset that he would rise to the highest level again. He recovered as well as expected.”

AC Milan have dropped to 6th in Serie A this season. With 38 points, it is tied with Atalanta (38 points) in 5th place. Above them, 4th place is Lazio (39 points), 3rd place is AS Roma (40 points), 2nd place is Inter Milan (43 points), and 1st place is Napoli (56 points). For AC Milan, the recent four-game losing streak is painful.

AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli has been criticized for his poor performance. Zlatan said, “It is normal to be criticized. Because he is the manager of AC Milan. If AC Milan is not doing well, either the manager or the coach will be criticized. We are professional players, so we have to accept criticism.”

Also, Zlatan said, “I get cursed at by people too. People curse me because I was the best throughout my 25 years as a soccer player. People’s criticism is justified,” he added.

AC Milan have some tricky games ahead. After playing against Turin in Serie A, we will play against Tottenham in the round of 16 of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). The match against Kim Min-jae’s team, Napoli, is scheduled for early April.

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